1What is AIFC Reserve Pool?

AIFC Reserve Pool is a personnel reserve of 50 000 professionals with the necessary skills and competencies that are potentially suitable to fulfill the labor market requirements. Over the 3 years the Reserve pool consists of students trained in professional programs, program coaches, event visitors and people who showed interest and sent their CV, thereby getting into the list of candidates.
By registering for the AIFC Reserve Pool, you are included in the priority list of candidates and get an advantage for employment in the AIFC ecosystem. Not only career development awaits you, but also the growth of your personal brand!

2How to join AIFC Reserve Pool?

1. Register on the A-PRO platform as a user.
2. Fill in the application form, please attach the available certificates and diplomas.
3. Send an application for membership.
4. Wait for a response to the specified mail.

3Can I join the AIFC Reserve Pool if I do not speak English perfectly?

To become a part of AIF Reserve Pool, the candidate must be proficient in English at an advanced level.

4How to apply for a vacancy?

1. Register on the A-PRO platform as a user.
2. Fill in the application form, attach the available certificates and diplomas.
3. Select the vacancy you are interested in and send a response.
4. Write a cover letter if desired.
5. Wait for a response from the employer.

5Can I contact you if I am from another city/country?

Of course. The A-PRO platform and services are available to users from anywhere in the world.

6Do you provide guarantees for staff recruitment

A-PRO provides a one-time replacement of a candidate for free (unless it is caused by the restructuring or closure of your company, staff reduction). The warranty period is 90 calendar days.

7What is the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing?

The main difference between outstaffing and outsourcing is the relationship between the customer and the staff. When outsourcing services, the Customer entrusts the provider company to perform some of the functions, at the expense of the Contractor's own personnel, and during outstaffing, the employees themselves are transferred to the staff of the provider company.

8What is the procedure for transferring employees to outstaffing?

The process of transferring personnel to an outstaffing company involves several stages:
- Determination of the main goals of the client.
- Signing a contract for the provision of outstaffing services.
- Dismissal of employees from the staff of the employer company.
- Registration of the transferred personnel to the provider company under the contract.

9What is HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is the hiring of a third-party HR company with the necessary experience to ensure the smooth functioning of all HR processes. The client only has to set the necessary tasks for the company providing these services.

10What is accounting outsourcing?

Accounting outsourcing helps to reduce the costs of the company on organisation and maintenance of its own accounting department and also provides high-quality professional management of all financial issues of the Customer.

11How to calculate the cost of the service correctly?

The cost is calculated individually for each client, taking into account the specifics of the request.